Monday, November 26, 2012

A little update... I live!

Well, a lot of things have happened and I have abandoned this blog for ages. I am very sorry about that.
First of all, I was busy finishing my school and with graduation. There was barely any time to even try and work on any artwork and it was left out in the dark for a very long time. Then afterwards, I got into University and even though my education is in the art and craftmanship, I've been too stressed and busy with all the hand ins that I havent had time to do some proper artwork in any way that I feel like sharing here. I am very sorry to those who check this blog out every now and then, I have thought of posting some of the schoolwork we've done, but first I need to finish everything off before I am able to enjoy some vacation.
On the other note I have moved from one country to the other to study this education, which means that I have finally more time to actually ponder what is going on in my head. I am trying to figure something out with my new doctor if I have a depression or what the hell else, because I've been to hell and beyond and whatsoever.

I hope to keep this blog alive and post more artwork in the future. I have had some plans to make some other blogs that is more about videogames and reviews, and keep the artworkness in this one. We'll see, time will tell. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sketches spamnation

So... it has been a while since i posted anything... I have also broken my own promise, so that is just fantabulaaaaaaaar. But really, I will make ya'll happy and just post all the sketches I have done the few weeks. Also, a few of them has been selected to be redrawn in photoshop (one of them is WIP) and one or two were done a bit longer ago than a few weeks.

Did this one in a break or class (oops...) last week. The original picture was very bright, so some details on her nose and such were a little hard to get it right. Also, the reason she doesnt even have a neck is because she had some sort of furry scarf on, and with my patience in the middle of school, I thought the picture was fine as it is! :P

 This one was done as a "test" while i was in Seattle. I just had bought a package of "manga pens", which is only black and grey scaled pens. They are soooo nice to draw with and gives a certain mood to the whole drawing, though they are probably more fitting for comics, or rather manga, or any drawing that requires a little more than just a few shades here and there as I have done in this one.

These two are kinda linked together. I really adore the singer, Kerli, who have invented the clothing style "bubblegoth", which is basically a mixture between cybergoth and normal goth style, only it is bright colors and white mixed together. I adore her style and noticed that she every now and then on her facebook fanpage has a "fanfriday" even going on, so I thought I wanted to make a drawing of her for this particular event. This is also the drawing that is currently in WIP in photoshop. (havent taken a screendump of it yet... I will post some WIP pictures when I am done with the actual drawing! :)

This was the first sketch I made of those two sci-fi characters I posted some time ago. I love facepaintings so I wanted to try out different patterns and style that could fit a character's face. These two were just "placeholders" but I eventually liked their looks, so I decided to keep them as is with some minor changes.

Last year I went to this drawing course where we did some tasks, such as this one, where we snatched some pages from a fashion magazine and we had to draw the figures and poses like the picture shows. The middle one looks a little bit odd, because of her extremely long legs, but the model itself actually had such long legs. :P

I tried to practice to draw a character holding a sword and a shield, was actually trying to draw my Skyrim character, but it kinda died out. Though I might give this one a shot later on. :)

A very quickly drawn picture of my Star Wars: The Old Republic character, which is so originally called Shalaan like my WoW character. :P I plan to make a digital drawing of this one, with a realistic touch. I am considering to make it whole picture, like one where you can see her whole, or some, of her body that shows her in jedi robes and wielding a lightsaber (obviously it will be turned on, 'cause... who doesnt love lightsabers?)

And last but not least, my original Character, TerraƤ, which has appeared on the blog a few times. This is a sketch to a suit that she will be aquiring in the story, formally called the "Golden Dragon Armor". The suit is mostly a black cloth tightsuit that is covered in golden dragon scales, with dragon horns attached to it. I dont want to spoil why it looks like that and how the heck she even get to wear the skin of a dragon, you'll find out WHEN I have finished my story... ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Work work workshop

Been attending to a workshop about digital art. I thought it would be refreshing to actually work with some photoshop stuff, and the teacher who I have had before in other classes, is rather amazing at working in photoshop and even in 3Ds Max. We had some fun stuff to do, but last night we began working on a potrait of whoever we want to draw. I havent had that much trouble drawing humans in Photoshop, but it is still hard to make them look "perfect".
I just finished on my part of the task. I am rather proud of the result even though my version looks very different from the picture I used.

In my version she looks much older and has a longer face. She looks a bit too... hmm manly? Atleast she looks rather young and such. My favorite part of the picture is the hair. I have always had a hard time to make hair look proper, but this time around I actually made it good enough for my liking. Last time I did that, was when I made that group picture of my character from that silly fantasy story.

This one to be exact. :P I hated the hair on the other characters, but the big ass elven head is obviously the one you should look at. Just like the picture above, I started off with a base color and made each strand and make dark shades and such. It gives such a nice effect in the end, but it can be hard to make it "perfect".

Anyway, I am on a roll so I will probably spam like an idiot (...not) with stuff like this. Also! I certainly did not forget about the "draw a drawing each day" thingmajing, even though I didnt draw for a couple of days... *cough*... I still got some nice stuff done that Iwill try and scan and post on the blog. :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The December race is on-going

So, after suffering from post-traumatic stress after the return from le America, I think I am back on track and I have challened myself into a duel challenge to make a new artwork every day in december. That's right, EVERY DAY. Guess how many days till I will fail this challene? :P Hopefully none...

I have already made the first sketch for 1st December, I just need to scan it in for all your viewing pleasure (not that this sketch is that remarkable...).

When I have finished all these quickies, I was planning to put them up for a vote and see what people prefer the best, so maybe the 3 most liked drawing will be drawn into a 100% digital picture, you know, the ones that I usually spend min. 5 hours to several months to make, only I will actually pull myself together and do it proper this time around, now that I am working on that portfolio. :P

Talking about pictures, then I suppose it is time to actually post SOMETHING... Looking in my folder with digital art, it seems rather empty, or at least lacking any new proper work since I made that Warlock picture. But here is some sketches I did, and note, they are still work in progress, they are sketches! ( very often used quote by me, "... it's a sketch!" :P)

Brainfart #1: Remember the previous post, the "TL;DR"-one with the endless blabbering about novels that I am working on? These two random models happens to be part of the Sci-Fi one... This is just a draft for what they could be looking like and before pointing and laughing at those silly glass "tanks" on their back, then yes, it is tanks, though their story is that they are part of a cult that uses elixir and drugs to prolong their lives, but the only way to uphold this,they need constant "feeding" of this drug. Thus resulting in wearing clothes that has all these tubes and pipes attached that pumps the shit into their bloodstreams.
What I am rather "proud" of their design is the facepainting. Some might say it seems a bit familiar, maybe a bit too much familiar, which I hope you dont, but in either cases, I'd like to point out that these facepaintings arent anything like magical masks or something like that. They are just as human as everyone else, though they paint their faces to hide their identity and to seem intimidating to their enemies. Even though all members of this cult have different patterns, they are still easily recognizable by anyone.
I will sometime make a better picture that illustrates their final design as part of my portfolio. This was merely a test to see if it actually fit together as I had thought it would in my head. :)

Brainfart #2: This lady here is also in the Sci-fi novel like the two derps above. She is obviously ot from the same team and cult like them; she is one of those "Freedom Fighters" and obviously she is like the "female-character-that-is-following-the-main-character-and-everybody-loves-her-because-of-that"-kind of character, so obviously she is going to seem a bit interesting in some way. I have been wrestling a bit with her design, I wanted her to seem a bit more "free" in her clothing, and not tightened up and stiff like some of the other characters in the story. I like how it looks like so far, but I am still unsure so she is still WIP.

Brainfart #3: Last, but not least (I think), the comic. Yes, I tried to make a comic about one of my favorite games of all time; Mass Effect. This one might seem a bit hard to understand, because no one has in particular seen my ME character, no?
Well, the story is that when I made my main character in ME1, she looked rather good under character creation screen, until I actually started up the game and saw her derp around, ESPECIALLY in profile.I wanted to kill myself so badly, she looked... derp-y. I then just ignored it, because I was happy with everything else, but as soon as I found out that in ME2 that you could import your character and after playing the whole game through with the same face, I just HAD to use the chance to actually change her face to something more pretty...
One thing that I couldnt help but giggle at is the fact that Kaidan, my Shepard's humptoy, was all over her in the first game but in the second game, he didnt even want to touch her. So, what would happen in the third game?
I was just playing on the thought that you could kind of relate Shepard's looks with the way he reacts in the game, even though it is obviously not. :P But hey... if Kaidan isnt nice to me in ME3 then I'd rather go with Garrus!
..... Yeah I am bad at comics.... -.-

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aaaaaand I am back.

So I am finally back from the US, after 4 awesome weeks. :) I havent been that much creative until the last week or so (those will come up soon enough), but I have been a big spender and bought a lot of awesome gifts and of course lots of gifts for myself.

On the other note, I was in an extreme writing mood and suddenly stumbled upon a few things for my future projects. Not alone I need to work my ass off the few months I have left, to work on a portfolio so I can send it in for my dream education, I am also going to work my ass off to make my few stories into something awesomely big. (Which also means that I am going to make some awesome concept art for it and such)

Here is the list so far:

Lemniscate - Fantasy novel, trilogy. (<-- Just recently found a proper name for my novel!)
Progress: Currently writing first book out of three, I am probably around 3-40% done.
There will also be a few short stories that tells the story of certain characters and events that is either mentioned or takes place in the books.
Plot: TerraƤ is an elf warrior, who wakes up on the human lands, only to find out she is being hunted by an unknown force. On top of that, if she's caught, a pact between the humans and the elves may be broken; a full scale war if any of the either treads the lands in any circumstance. The only thing that goes through her mind is to get home as soon as possible, but that is easier said than done...

WIP title - Sci-fi novel, so far only one book.
Progress: Havent begun writing it yet, so far the story will only be one book, maybe two depending on how much of the plot I can work on.
Plot: *Derp* is an anarchist who wish for a better world, but neither of his messages are heard or taken serious. After an attempt to gain the attention of the politicians, he ends up in trouble that could cost him his life. A group of Freedomfighters saves him and promises him protection, only if he will help them use fear and destruction to take down the government...

Broken Soldier - sci-fi novel, one book.
Progress: Written a draft at around 40 pages but it will probably be scrapped and rewritten.
This one is a prologue to the above sc-fi novel and will be a "short" story about a character that will appear in the book.
Plot: Sal Raeven is rascal and a wild child. Living his life on the edge with the wrong company, drugs and alcohol, he suddenly is falsely accused for being a major drug dealer and ends up in prison. Just when he thought his life would get worse, he changes his lifestyle and gets an oppertunity to join the military. Enjoying his new found life, things suddenly begins to change for the worse...

Diabolic - Fantasy comic, three books (if it was a novel). - Collaboration between me and a friend
Progress: development hell. :P Lots of characters, plottwists and other things have been planned but so far no pages has been drawn and no proper planning of the timeline and dialogues have been planned.
Plot: A young man, named Platin, wakes up in an old mans house, just saved from death. The old man tells him of the culprits, the mighty agents of Appoloin Angels, who rules the country. After spending a year with this old man, living the life as if he was his son, a sudden event occurs and Platin can only flee for his life while he sees his only friend dying. Platin swore to avenge his death and find out the truth about his past by bringing down AA.

Damn I suck at writing a proper explanation of the plot.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am enjoying my time in Seattle while trying to make video games with slightly craptastic internet and with a computer that decides to kill itself every now and then. Oh I gotta love it...

But hey! Seattle is awesome and I have visited a few nice game developers along with my classmates and today is the day where we visit the allmighty Valve. :)

I havent had much time to properly draw and make proper art for my portfolio, but I can see that I need to work my buttarse off to make things work as soon as I get back from the US and back to my wonderful desk. And drawing equipment and my PC... Everything!

Either way, if something pops up, I will ofc post it here on my blog to share with my readers. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good news, everyone!

I am officially employed at an indie game company, founded by my classmates. :) I am looking forward to work with them. We're called ClearCut Games and we are currently developing a new game. Before I joined the "club", they had already released a game for the app store that is still available for purchase. ( direct link to iTunes for the game if you own an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch ;)
I am going to be their main 3D artist, but also do some concept art, both traditionally and digitally, if neccesary. This means that I might be spamming with a lot of pictures of my sketches, brainstorms and drawings that I will be hanging around our tiny lil' office. I have already made tons of concept art, but I will post them sometime later. :)